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Is Browser Incognito Mode Really Private? Let’s Find Out

Is Browser Incognito Mode Really Private?Let’s Find Out Everyone has a favorite method for browsing the web privately. Mine includes drawn shades, a big bowl of chocolate chip ice cream, bunny slippers and a comfy couch. No, wait, that’s how I enjoy Mean Girls. I mean – Incognito Mode! That’s what I meant to say! But seriously, … Read more

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A Beginner’s Guide To Cryptography

A Beginner’s Guide To Cryptography Even though you might not be aware of it, you encounter cryptography multiple times a day. Heck, whether you realize it or not, you may have even used cryptography yourself to send “secret” notes to your friends in grade school.A Christmas StoryWhether you’re pumping gas at the gas pump, ordering … Read more

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Alternatives to Google Products

Alternatives to Google ProductsA Guide to Protecting Your Data From Google’s Prying EyesEnter your text here… Do You Use Google Products?Let’s face it: Google makes it easy to use their applications and services. First, they’re free. Second, they’re available wherever you are through almost any internet-connected device. Third, well: we’re back to the free thing again. But … Read more

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Is Torrenting Illegal? The Definitive Answer

Is Torrenting Illegal? The Definitive Answer Torrenting is a massively popular method to download the latest movies, TV series, music, books, games – you name it. The popularity of torrenting is mainly driven by the fact that it’s free. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to download and share files! That … Read more

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What Are the Best Ad & Pop-Up Blockers of 2020?

What Are the Best Ad & Pop-Up Blockers of ? If you use your web browser for more than 2 seconds, you’ll likely see an ad. The average internet user is said to be exposed to thousands of ads per day. Luckily, there are ways to greatly reduce the ads you’ll see displayed during your web … Read more

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What Is the Most Secure & Private Web Browser for 2020?

What Is the Most Secure & Private Web Browser for ? Maintaining your security and protecting your anonymity on the internet is arguably one of the hardest things to pull off when you’re browsing the web. However, there are quite a few hardened browsers that offer excellent protection for your browsing sessions. In addition, there are … Read more

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How to Browse the Web as Anonymously as Possible: 2018 Edition

How to Browse the web as Anonymously as Possible – Edition ​Anonymous Browsing with a VPN (it’s quick and easy!)​A VPN or Virtual Private Network ​offers a secure, protected network connection between a computer or mobile device and another network via the internet. It allows you to anonymize ​your IP address keeping your browsing activities … Read more

How to Remove Malware & Viruses From Android Phones (Oreo Version)

How to Remove Malware & Viruses From Android Phones (Oreo Version) HummingBad malware infected over 10 million Android devices in the summer of 2016. The malware was capable of taking over an Android smartphone or tablet, stealing and selling a device’s user information, and downloading and installing unauthorized apps.Also in 2016, Mazar malware is downloaded when … Read more