What Is The Best VPN for
Kodi in 2020?

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VyprVPN is the best VPN to use with the Kodi media player app on computers, mobile devices, game consoles and set-top boxes. Offering 700 servers, which are located in 64 countries, the provider ensures a dependable way to access blocked streaming content on the internet. In addition, VyprVPN’s fast connection speeds mean you won’t have to wait forever for your streaming content to play.

  • 700 Servers in 64 Countries
  • Speedy Connections
  • Owns and Operates Servers
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    Encryption Protects Online Activities

The service also provides excellent protection for your Kodi streaming and other online activities via their encrypted connections, which keep your personal information safe from the prying eyes of hackers, your ISP and even the government.

About Kodi

Kodi (which started life as XBMC for the original Xbox) is a free, open-source media player available on numerous desktop, mobile, set-top and game console platforms. Kodi allows users to stream video from local and internet sources, stream music and podcasts, and much more.

Fun fact 🙂 The baby name meaning of “Kodi” is “helpful.”

While originally created for the first Xbox gaming console, the player is now available on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Windows, Linux, Android and macOS versions are easily installed via a simple download and installation process. However, installation on the other platforms can only be performed on jailbroken devices, or via a somewhat involved “sideloading” process.

Kodi is currently at version 17.1 “Krypton” as of this writing. Version 17.0 was released in early 2017 and offered a new look and feel, an improved video engine and music library, Live TV and PVR functionality, and various other changes and improvements.

Kodi Media Player

The Kodi media player’s open-source status has led to a large number of third-party plugins that allow the media player to add new capabilities beyond the app’s original capabilities, such as accessing Netflix, Hulu and Pandora streaming content, as well as other internet radio streams. It even offers the ability to play retro console games such as those found on early Nintendo and Sega consoles.

Third-party plugins have also been developed, which allow illegal access to copyrighted content, leading some observers to look upon Kodi as a pirating tool. While no one would claim that Kodi is not being used to access copyrighted materials, the application can do much more, with many of its capabilities being perfectly legal in most countries.

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Vypr VPN


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HideMyAss VPN


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Why Do You Need a VPN for Kodi?

While using Kodi itself isn’t illegal, some of its third-party plugins allow users to access copyrighted materials.

While I would never suggest that any of my readers should or would break the law, third-party plugins are a vital part of the Kodi experience, and I would hazard to say that most, if not all, Kodi users make use of these plugins.

A VPN provides encryption for your internet connection, cloaking your connection from prying eyes and ensuring that content providers, the government and even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot monitor your online activities.

Kodi’s open platform, which makes it easy for third-party developers to create handy plugins, also leaves it open to attacks from those who would enjoy stealing your info. The encryption protects your personal information from hackers who are looking to steal your personal information. 

How Does a VPN Work

Kodi plugins include the capability to access video content from geographically-restricted streaming services, such as Netflix in all of its international versions, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and many others. A VPN allows users to unblock content that might not normally be available to users from their location.

When a VPN user logs in to a VPN server, they are automatically assigned a new IP address, making it appear as if the user is in a different location. The new location could be anywhere from across the city to around the globe. This is what allows the user to access content that is usually blocked to them due to the geographical restrictions.

Selecting the Best VPN for Use With Kodi

When you’re considering VPN providers for use with your Kodi viewing activities, there are a good number of considerations to keep in mind during your research. In this section, I’ll share those factors with you, and will also include a table ranking that shows how well each VPN provider performs in that category.


Connection Speed

Connection speed is arguably the most important feature to be considered when searching for a VPN provider for use with Kodi. The media app can display 1080p and 4K HDR video. Both formats require a reliably fast connection in order to avoid a long buffering period before playing, or pixelation and stuttering when playback begins.

Never consider a VPN service that doesn’t provide a consistently reliable and fast connection. A VPN’s protected connection speeds should come as close as possible to the speeds provided by your ISP.

While you’ll always see a slowdown when using a VPN (due to the added processing overhead of the encryption protocols used), your goal is to find a provider with as little a speed penalty as possible.

While we’re taking a look at VPN connection speeds for use with Kodi streaming activities, a fast VPN connection will also offer a better all-around online experience for all of your other online activities, such as web browsing, playing games and much more.

The table below lists the VPN providers according to connection speed, ranked fastest to slowest.


Multi-Platform Support

The Kodi media app is available on a large number of desktop, mobile, set-top and gaming devices. This means that multi-platform support is also an important factor for any VPN provider you might consider.

Always look for a VPN service that offers native VPN apps for as many connected device platforms as possible. Router support is always a plus, as a VPN service that is compatible with your wireless router will provide protection for all of the connected devices in your home or small business.

Kodi Different Platforms

The table below lists my favorite VPN providers and the number of platforms they support. The list is sorted by which VPN supports the most devices, down to which supports the least. 

Note: The providers listed here all offer support for the Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. 


​Global Server Coverage

Comprehensive global server coverage is an important consideration, as the more VPN servers the provider has positioned around the globe, the better chance you’ll have of unblocking any geographically-blocked streaming content. 

VPN Global Server Coverage

In addition to streaming Kodi content, a VPN provider with excellent global server coverage will also come in handy for other online activities, such as online gaming.

The providers below are ranked according to the number of countries they have servers stationed in and are listed in descending order.


​Other Factors to Consider


Price will likely also be a consideration for many of us when we’re considering a VPN subscription. When considering pricing, make sure the provider isn’t cutting corners on customer support, global server coverage or connection speed in order to offer a low price.

Note: Many VPN providers run special deals on subscriptions on a regular basis. Such deals can significantly reduce subscription costs. Also, users willing to sign up for an extended period of time can benefit from even more savings. Visit any provider’s website for current pricing and offers.

While most providers offer monthly subscription options, which can be an attractive option for users on a tight budget, this type of option will almost always cost you more in the long run.

*The prices in the table reflect the monthly cost when paying for an annual subscription. (Annual Subscription Price / 12 Months.)

Customer Support

Let’s hope that no one who’s reading this ever has an issue with their VPN connection. However, chances are better than just good that you’ll need to contact your VPN provider’s customer support folk about one issue or another. Murphy’s Law says “you’re welcome.”

When researching a VPN provider’s customer support department, look for live chat support, a trouble ticket submission form and an easy-to-search support library/knowledge base.

Note: None of the VPN providers listed below provide phone support.


Always take a look at how well a VPN provider protects your privacy. “Privacy” doesn’t mean what type of encryption they use to protect your internet connection. Any good VPN provider offers that. 

Instead, I mean that you should take a look at what country the provider is located in, whether they keep logs of any kind related to your online activities, and whether they offer privacy-friendly payment options such as Bitcoin or merchant gift cards.

The VPN providers below are rated on a scale of 0 to 5, according to the level of privacy they offer.