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Best VPNs for Tor in 2022

If you're using Tor to browse the web, you'll want all the anonymity you can find. In this article, I'll tell you about the best VPNs to protect your Tor usage.

If you’re looking to keep your web browsing activities incognito, especially if you’re looking to access the dark web, the Tor Browser is one of the best available tools to help you do so.

However, it only provides a single layer of anonymity for your online activities, as it only protects your web browsing activities from exposure – the rest of your online activities are left open for observation.

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) not only adds another layer of protection to your Tor Browser-based activities, it keeps all of your online activities private, including activities like torrenting files or streaming video from outside your region.

When you pair the Tor Browser with a VPN, you have a dynamic duo, efficiently protecting your privacy.

When considering a VPN for use with Tor, always keep connection speed in mind when doing your research. I assure you that using a slow VPN with the Tor browser will prove totally unsatisfying.

The reason is because, when using the Tor network, your connection is sent through a series of relays that anonymize your activities. This relay process has a tendency to slow down your browsing activities.

As a rule, a VPN will also slow your connection speeds. This makes speed an important consideration when evaluating a VPN for use with Tor – so your connections can be kept as fast as possible.

When you’re online, keep in mind that plenty of third parties would love to be able to monitor your online activities. Hackers, government agencies – even your own ISP and their advertisers – would all love to keep track of you. This makes privacy another essential factor to keep in mind.

In this article, I’ll share the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about which VPN makes the best privacy-protecting partner for the Tor Browser.

Best VPNs for Browsing the Web With Tor

After extensive testing, I’ve found that the following 6 VPNs are the best for use with Tor:

  1. NordVPN: Good security, fast connections, no logs, wide-ranging server coverage, affordable
  2. Surfshark: Unlimited concurrent connections, fast download speeds, no logs, low price
  3. ExpressVPN: Fast connections, no logs, accepts Bitcoin, offers a .onion site
  4. CyberGhost: Fast speeds, reasonable pricing, no logs
  5. IPVanish: Fast connections, no logs, top-notch security
  6. PrivateVPN: No logs, easy-to-use apps, fast connections

I evaluated and ranked my top 6 VPNs according to the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with Tor
  • Special features for use with Tor
  • Fast connection speeds
  • No-logs policy
  • Excellent encryption
  • Offers anonymous payment methods

Here are the top 6 best VPNs for Tor.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN Jan 2022

Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.NordVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

NordVPN is my #1 pick for use with Tor because of its excellent security and privacy protections, fast connection speeds and affordable price.

The provider offers specialized Onion Over VPN servers that are configured to work closely with the Tor network to protect all of your online activities, not just your web browsing.

NordVPN also offers a Double VPN option to help obfuscate your connection when using the Tor Browser. Be advised that you may see a hefty connection speed hit due to the use of two VPN servers, which the feature requires. However, the provider’s connections should still be more than up to anything you throw at it, as their connection speeds are some of the fastest I’ve ever seen.

NordVPN also offers excellent privacy protections, keeping no logs of any kind and providing kill switch-protected connections that use government-grade AES 256-bit encryption to protect your connection from being tracked. The provider also accepts Bitcoin in return for its fine services.

Native apps are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire and Android TV devices. Comprehensive router support is available, and you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.


  • Offers Onion Over VPN servers
  • Double VPN servers
  • Fast connection speeds
  • No user logs
  • Accepts Bitcoin


  • More complicated to select servers than some other providers

BEST VPN FOR TOR:NordVPN provides an excellent value for the money, delivers extraordinarily fast connections and ensures top-notch protections for Tor users. A 30-day money-back guarantee means there’s no risk in giving them a try.

Read my full review of NordVPN.

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2. Surfshark

SurfShark VPN

Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.Surfshark.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

Surfshark offers reliable access to Tor, providing an excellent way to keep your browsing totally anonymous. The provider offers its outstanding service at a budget-friendly price.

While the provider doesn’t offer any Tor-specific features, it does offer a “MultiHop” server option that routes your internet connection through two VPN servers to double up on your protection and anonymity.

Using Tor will greatly slow down your browsing experience, so it’s important to have a provider like Surfshark that provides fast download speeds.

Those connections are protected by military-grade encryption, a kill switch and DNS leak prevention, as well as ad-blocking, malware, tracking and phishing protection. Your privacy is well protected thanks to a no-server-logs policy and a cryptocurrency payment option.

Surfshark offers apps for the macOS, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android and Linux device platforms. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are also available, and the provider is compatible with a large number of router makes and models.

Surfshark allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections on a single set of login credentials.


  • Provides reliable protection for Tor sessions
  • Bargain-basement pricing
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Fast, well-protected connections


  • Global server coverage is thin but improving

GREAT VALUE:Surfshark can provide online protection for a large group of Tor users, and it does so at a very affordable price. The provider delivers reliable, fast access to the Onion network, while providing top-notch privacy and online security. A 30-day money-back guarantee makes this a no-risk proposition.

Read my full review of Surfshark.

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3. ExpressVPN


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.ExpressVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

ExpressVPN comes in 3rd on my list thanks to its wide global server coverage, including 3,000+ servers in over 90 countries, giving you access to content all over the world.

This provider is located in the privacy-friendly British Virgin Islands, allowing it to follow a self-imposed no-logs policy, meaning it doesn’t record the online activities of its users.

It’s true that the service does record some non-identifying information, such as login dates (no times recorded), the server location used and the amount of data transferred. However, none of this can help authorities identify any of your online activities.

ExpressVPN protects its users’ connections using military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and protects their connections from being laid open to prying eyes by using kill switch protection on their desktop apps. (Apps are available for all of the major device platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.)

This provider offers excellent connection speeds, helping to alleviate the slowdown you’ll experience when using Tor.

The provider even offers a .onion version of its website to allow users to create a completely anonymous account with the VPN provider by using a throw-away email address and paying with Bitcoin. (It also offers a list of .onion sites to get you started.)


  • Well-encrypted connections
  • Extremely fast speeds
  • Offers .onion site
  • Keeps no user logs


  • More expensive than other providers
  • No kill switch protection on mobile devices

WORLDWIDE COVERAGE:ExpressVPN provides fast, well-protected access to the internet, working hand-in-hand with Tor to provide anonymity and security. The provider’s wide global server coverage gives you a chance to try content in many different countries. A 30-day money-back guarantee offers a risk-free way to put the provider’s features to the test.

Read my full review of ExpressVPN.

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4. CyberGhost


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.CyberGhost.com

Money-back guarantee: 45 DAYS

CyberGhost is an excellent option for the first-time VPN user. The app is simple to use and protects your online sessions well despite its lack of Tor-specific features.

Speedy connections from this provider will help ease your worries about being slowed down too much while using the Tor Browser.

The provider does an excellent job of protecting your identity online, storing no user logs of any kind and accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Their apps offer excellent kill switch protection, perfect forward secrecy and strong encryption, protecting your data from the bad actors of the world.

Apps are available for the macOS, Windows, Android, Linux and iOS platforms, and up to 7 devices can be connected simultaneously on a single account. Router support is also available.


  • No logs
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Top-notch security
  • Easy-to-use apps


  • Missing Tor-specific features
  • Not many advanced options in apps

GREAT OPTION FOR BEGINNERS:CyberGhost offers simple-to-use apps  with one-click protection, good privacy protections and fast connections, all delivered at a low cost. The provider offers a 45-day no-risk guarantee.

Read my full review of CyberGhost.

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5. IPVanish


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.IPVanish.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

IPVanish is a secure, easy-to-use VPN service that provides industry-standard security and privacy. The provider sticks to a no-logs policy, meaning there’s no evidence to be found of any of your online antics.

The IPVanish app includes an obfuscation feature that disguises your encrypted connection as normal internet traffic, adding another layer of anonymity. The app can also change your IP address at regular intervals if you so choose, but keep in mind that you temporarily lose your connection when changing out IP addresses.

Apps are available for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS platforms. Manual setup is required for Linux and Raspberry Pi. The provider also offers unlimited simultaneous connections and good router support.

While the provider does not offer any Tor-specific features, the VPN service works well with Onion, though you can expect the usual slowdown in speeds and performance.

Sadly, privacy protection does not extend to your payment information, as IPVanish does not accept Bitcoin or any other type of anonymous payments.


  • Good security
  • No logs
  • Reliable connections
  • Fast connection speeds


  • Does not offer any Tor-specific features
  • Does not accept Bitcoin

RELIABLE AND SECURE:IPVanish is a good mix of connection speed and security, delivering reliable connections for your Tor sessions. The provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read my full review of IPVanish.

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6. PrivateVPN


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.PrivateVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

PrivateVPN is a VPN provider that many of you might not be familiar with, as they appeared on the scene just recently. The provider is quickly becoming known for its fast connection speeds and top-notch security protections.

While the provider doesn’t offer special Tor support right out of the box, it does provide helpful information on how to connect to its OpenVPN servers over Tor. This allows users to connect to websites that don’t normally allow connecting via the Tor Browser, as it hides the use of the browser.

PrivateVPN keeps no logs whatsoever connected to their customers’ online travels and accepts Bitcoin as payment for its services. Privacy high-fives all around!

Native app support is provided for the iOS, Android, Windows and macOS platforms.

The provider’s global server coverage is somewhat limited, with just 150 servers located in about 59 countries.


  • Fast connection speeds
  • Excellent privacy protections
  • VPN-Over-Tor support


  • Global server coverage is lacking
  • Only supplies apps for 4 platforms

FLEXIBLE AND REASONABLY PRICED:PrivateVPN users can have up to 6 devices connected simultaneously, enjoy fast connections and top-notch privacy, and take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read my full review of PrivateVPN.

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Methodology for Assessing a VPN With Tor

If you’re using Tor to keep your browsing incognito, online privacy and security are likely your top concerns. This makes the VPN that you use to protect your Tor Browser activities an important consideration.

These are the most important features to consider when considering a VPN for use with Tor:

  • Security and Privacy: Your online security and privacy are arguably the most important factors when you’re using Tor. Any VPN worth considering should offer, at minimum, banking-grade encryption, a kill switch, and DNS and IP leak protection. Also, VPNs should never save any type of server logs recording to your online travels. NordVPN offers all of the above and more.
  • Speed: While Tor is mostly used for ultra-private web browsing, it can also be used to view video, images, audio, and other types of content. Browsing with Tor is much slower than with a normal browser like Chrome due to its routing a connection through multiple anonymous relays. This makes a VPN’s connection speeds an important factor to consider. NordVPN, my top VPN for Tor, delivers fast connection speeds.
  • Server Network: It is important to research a VPN provider’s presence in countries around the globe. This will allow you to route your initial Tor connection through a country on the other side of the globe, increasing your anonymity. A large number of servers around the globe and in a specific location is also important, as that means a single server won’t be overloaded with users, maintaining a high level of performance.
  • Value: You can calculate a VPN’s value by carefully weighing its list of features against its asking price. If a VPN service doesn’t offer a high level of features and functionality for a reasonable price, walk away. NordVPN offers a high level of service for its reasonable asking price.
  • Ease of Use: Even though a VPN should be powerful, it doesn’t mean it should be complicated to use. Also, Tor is available on multiple connected devices, so the more devices a VPN supports, the better. NordVPN offers a variety of easy-to-use apps for most popular devices.

Check out more information about my VPN testing methodology.

Don’t Use These VPNs With Tor

If you’re using Tor, then you’re concerned about keeping your online browsing activities undercover. Surprisingly, there are VPN providers that don’t have your privacy in mind.

Hide My Ass!

United Kingdom-based Hide My Ass! is subject to U.K. laws that require VPN providers to keep logs. It’s known to have turned over user logs to authorities at least once, leading to the arrest of one of their users. Not much privacy or anonymity to be found here, folks.


Despite a claim that it’s a “no-logs” VPN provider, authorities used PureVPN’s supposedly non-existent logs to track and arrest a man accused of cyberstalking an ex-roommate.

Can I Use a Free VPN With Tor?

While it’s technically possible to use a free VPN with Tor, I strongly urge you not to do so.

Free VPNs often have privacy policies that are lacking. They keep logs of their users’ online travels, sometimes selling that information to advertisers and other interested parties. (Hey, they have to make money somehow, right?)

Also, free VPNs often make users wait in a queue before allowing them to connect to a VPN server, and many free providers have data or bandwidth caps.

While a slower connection is always a concern, it’s especially critical when using a VPN with Tor, which slows things down by itself.

Free VPNs have also been known to inject ads and tracking cookies into their users’ browsing sessions. Plus, these providers usually have fewer servers and IP allocations, making it easier for users to be traced.

All of the above simply makes it a horrible idea to attempt to use a free VPN with Tor.

Differences Between Tor Over VPN vs. VPN Over Tor

You may have noticed that earlier in this article I’ve mentioned both “Tor Over VPN” and “VPN Over Tor.” Are those the same thing? How are they different? Let’s take a look.

Tor Over VPN

Tor Over VPN is when you first connect to your VPN and then browse the internet in the Tor Browser.

This means your internet traffic is first encrypted through your VPN, protecting it from the observation of outside parties.

Your real IP address is protected from detection by the first Tor relay. The Tor network relays further obfuscate your true location by relaying your connection through several locations.


  • Keeps your ISP from detecting your use of the Tor Browser
  • Opens access to .onion websites
  • Allows use of regular browser for other types of browsing
  • Blocks your real IP address from the Tor relay network


  • Some websites don’t accept traffic from Tor networks
  • VPN has access to your actual IP address

VPN Over Tor

VPN Over Tor consists of first connecting to the Tor network and then connecting to your VPN.

Whereas Tor Over VPN consists of simply connecting to your VPN and then using the Tor Browser, using VPN Over Tor requires you to manually set up a few things before use.

Only a few VPN providers offer this option, with PrivateVPN being the only one that comes to mind and the only provider on this top 6 list that does so.


  • Blocks both your ISP and VPN from seeing your traffic
  • Provides access to websites that block Tor traffic
  • Cuts down on risk from improperly-configured Tor exit nodes


  • ISPs can detect Tor usage
  • Requires manual setup; not recommended for beginners
  • No access to .onion websites
  • The entry port for a Tor relay network can detect your real IP address
  • Routes all of your internet traffic through Tor, slowing everything down


What is the Best Free VPN for Tor?

There is no such thing. Never trust a free VPN with your privacy, especially when using the Tor Browser. Free VPNs make money by selling your online usage information to advertisers and other nosy parties. 

Why Should I Use a VPN for Tor?

When you use Tor, your traffic is encrypted and routed through several anonymous nodes, run by volunteers. Whenever an info request is made, the route the connection takes is changed, making it nearly impossible to trace the user. However, Tor entry and exit nodes are well documented, so both your Internet Service Provider and the destination server can easily find out if you're using Tor.

A VPN encrypts all of your traffic. By using a VPN to access Tor, you prevent anyone from detecting that you are using Tor, as your connection is encrypted from end-to-end.

Can My Tor Usage be Tracked?

While Tor has its vulnerabilities and is not totally immune from attacks, such attacks are targeted and can be costly, meaning most Tor users need not worry about being tracked. Using a VPN and practicing common sense (like not using your real email address to log in to a site), should be sufficient for most users' needs.

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