What Is The Best VPN For Youtube In 2019?

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VyprVPN is the best VPN to use for accessing YouTube when the popular video streaming site or some of its content is being blocked by your local government or the network administrator of your school or employer. VyprVPN’s fast and secure VPN connections are available via 700+ servers located in 65 countries.

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In addition to unblocking access to YouTube, VyprVPN’s encrypted connections also offer a secure way to protect your everyday internet activities from the prying eyes of hackers, your ISP and the government.

About YouTube

YouTube is a United States-based video sharing service, founded by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. The giant of internet search engines, Google, purchased the site in November 2006, and the service now operates as a Google subsidiary.

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The popular site offers users the ability to upload, share, view and rate videos. Viewers can subscribe to other users’ video streams, add videos to a “favorites” list, comment on videos and much more. The video streaming site is currently the second-most-popular website in the world, second only to parent Google’s own search site.

Content available on the service includes video clips, movie trailers, music videos, television show excerpts, user-created original videos, educational material and more. In addition to content uploaded by individual users, Google has become a favorite place for media companies to post trailers for upcoming movies and TV shows. 

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YouTube earns revenue from the sale of advertising, as well as partnerships with media companies and other firms. In addition, YouTube offers rentals of films and TV shows.

It also offers a subscription streaming service known as “YouTube Red,” which provides ad-free streaming of all videos hosted on the YouTube site.

In April of 2017, YouTube launched YouTube TV, their entry into the world of the “skinny bundle” streaming television subscription service. The service offers streams from the five major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX and NBC), and around 40 cable channels, for $35 per month.

As of the time of this article, the YouTube TV service is available in 25+ U.S. markets. Locales include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Nashville, Houston, Phoenix and others.

Top 5 VPNs for YouTube





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Why Do YouTube Viewers Need a VPN?

A few months back, my buddy in the U.K. sent me a YouTube link to a trailer for a movie we had both been enthusing about during our online chats. It was the first trailer for the film to hit the web, and I couldn’t wait to see how it looked.

I clicked the link, the YouTube page loaded and…OH, NO! “This video has been blocked in your country due to copyright grounds.”

Luckily, this movie-lover keeps an essential tool in his arsenal. I simply loaded my favorite VPN app, selected a London VPN server location and enjoyed what turned out to be an only slightly disappointing trailer. (Fun fact: “Trailers” are called that, as they were originally shown following the movie.)

Blocking of YouTube content occurs due to a number of reasons, depending upon the country, including:

  • Content may ignite social or political unrest
  • Content criticizes a particular country’s ruler or government
  • Content criticizes religion or religious leaders
  • Content violates copyright or intellectual property protection laws
  • Content violates hate speech ethics or morality-based laws
  • Content violates national security legislation
  • Content is inappropriate 

In addition, YouTube content may be blocked by businesses, schools, government agencies and other institutions due to the website’s high use of network and internet bandwidth, and the potential for users to be distracted from their work or studies.

Many countries block YouTube completely, either due to a long-standing ban or during times of civil unrest or other sensitive periods of time, such as leading up to an election or a political anniversary.

Countries that have banned YouTube include China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Turkmenistan and many others. While many of the bans are long-standing, others can come and go at the whim of the local governments. Blocking can be as broad as the entire YouTube website, or as granular as individual videos.

Youtube Content Not Available

In addition, some YouTube content is geographically restricted by the content providers. There are a number of YouTube channels that are geo-restricted due to licensing agreements that only permit the content to be displayed in certain countries. (Content providers still seem to be stuck in the stone ages when it comes to licensing agreements.)

Luckily, there is an easy way for users to get around YouTube roadblocks set up by governments, schools and employers. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can allow users to quickly access blocked content from YouTube and other streaming content services.

A VPN allows a user’s internet connection to appear as if it’s originating from another location, be it across the country or around the world. This lets users access YouTube content that is usually blocked in their part of the world.

A VPN provider places its server farms at strategic locations around the globe. Users connect to the VPN servers, which then encrypt the connection before completing the path to a website, such as YouTube.

Since the internet connection appears to be coming from another location other than where the content is banned, YouTube will then stream the prohibited content for the viewer’s enjoyment.

The encryption that wraps your internet connection when using a VPN prevents anyone that may be attempting to monitor your connection - such as a government, school or employer - from detecting your online activity. While they can tell you’re connected to the internet, they cannot monitor your actual online activities.

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The encrypted cloaking of a VPN connection allows users to conduct their online business without fear of discovery. In addition to allowing access to blocked websites, a VPN connection also protects your sensitive personal information. This can include website login credentials, banking and credit card information, or even your latest shopping spree on Amazon.

How to Select the Best VPN for YouTube

When considering a VPN provider to unblock YouTube, there are a variety of important considerations. In this section, I’ll list the most important things to keep in mind when deciding which VPN is right for your YouTube-viewing needs.


Global Server Coverage

When it comes to considering a VPN for unblocking YouTube content, the locations of a VPN provider’s servers are of utmost importance. It doesn’t matter if a VPN provider offers the fastest speeds around if they don’t have their servers placed in strategic locations around the globe. All the speed in the world won’t allow you to access a blocked YouTube video.

A VPN can also come in handy for any of a number of other online activities, such as online gaming, torrenting and streaming of other content. Keep that in mind when making a decision

VPN Global Server Coverage


Connection Speeds

For any kind of video streaming activity, speed is an essential part of the equation. Selecting a VPN provider that offers fast, low-latency connections means you’ll never have to wait an extended amount of time for your favorite YouTube video to begin to play.

In addition to viewing video content, a fast connection also ensures you’ll always be ready to play online games, download files, stream music and more, with little to no delay. 


Multi-Platform Support

YouTube is available on just about every connected device available today. Apps for viewing YouTube content are available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Also joining the fun are iOS and Android devices, PlayStation and Xbox game consoles, Apple TV and Roku set-top boxes, and many models of recently released Smart TVs. 

Youtube Platforms

This variety of YouTube-compatible devices means any VPN you consider should offer support for as many of these devices as possible. 



While many users will research a VPN provider’s pricing, global server coverage, connection speeds and supported devices, they fail to take a close look at how well the provider protects their privacy.

When I say “protects your privacy,” I don’t mean how well the provider encrypts your connection. I’m referring to how well they protect your identity and the history of your online activities from prying eyes.

Ideally, a VPN service will be based in a privacy-friendly country, won’t keep any logs of your online activities while using the service and will accept anonymous payment methods, such as Bitcoin or the balances remaining on your merchant gift cards, for your subscription.

The VPN providers in the table below are ranked on a scale of 0 to 5, according to how well they protect their users’ identities and activities. I considered the provider’s location, their logging policy, and whether or not they accept Bitcoin or other anonymous methods of payment. 


Other Factors to Consider


The importance of price can vary when searching for a VPN provider. If you’re on a budget, finding a low-cost VPN service that still provides reliable connections means a lot. If you’re flush with cash, the price can still be a consideration, because why give that money away, when it could be used for a new 4K television to watch YouTube on?

While the adage “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than it is today, there are still bargains to be found. Just be sure to check the features offered by any low-price leader providers to make sure they aren’t cutting corners in any relevant categories like speed or customer service. 

Note: VPN providers are known to occasionally feature special deals from time to time, which can significantly reduce your subscription costs. If you’re willing to subscribe for an extended period of time, the savings are usually even greater. Visit the providers’ websites for their current pricing and offers.

*The prices in the table reflect the monthly cost when paying for an annual subscription. (Annual Subscription Price / 12 Months.)

Customer Service

Always be sure to research what types or customer support a prospective VPN service provides to its users. Remember, customer support never matters until you actually need it.

The table below lists VPN providers ranked according to their customer service options. I’ve listed them in descending order. The providers were ranked according to the types of support they offered, as well as the speed and quality of their answers.

Note:  Phone support is not provided by any of the VPN providers listed below.