What Are The Fastest VPN Services in 2019?

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VyprVPN is the fastest VPN around to protect your computer or mobile device while on the internet. The provider’s high-speed connections, good global server coverage and excellent customer support make it a great way for users of any device to protect their internet connection and hide their online activities.

  • Over 700 Servers in 65 Countries
  • Fast Connections
  • Total Customer Service
  • Great Multi-Platform Support

Security-conscious road warriors w​​​​ill appreciate VyprVPN’s ability to protect their internet connection when using open Wi-Fi hotspots. Video and audio streaming fans will also appreciate the provider’s ability to unblock entertainment content.

About VPN Speed

In today’s always-on, streaming-everything, internet-powered world, speed is king. If there is one thing computer and mobile device users hate, it’s waiting for their favorite music or video content to start streaming. Don’t get me started on online gamers and their pet peeves.

It seems that almost every VPN provider around claims to be the fastest VPN. But, only one can be The Flash of the VPN industry.

Top 5 Fastest VPNs





Vypr VPN


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HideMyAss VPN


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Why Do You Need a VPN?

The connected world of today is full of peril. While speed is still king, safety while online is a close second. Any internet-connected device is an attractive target for hackers who are looking to either use them in DDoS attacks on websites or who are looking to steal your login credentials, banking and credit card information via man-in-the-middle attacks or phishing attempts.

In addition to the bad guys, you also have to be aware that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is now allowed to sell your browsing habit to advertisers. Plus, the government is always interested in what their citizens are up to online.

VPNs also make a great tool for users who are looking to access video and audio streaming content, online gaming servers and other resources that might be blocked due to geographical restrictions, or that are blocked by schools, employers or governments.

Choosing the Fastest VPN

Users looking for a fast VPN provider to protect them online have a mind-boggling variety of companies to choose from. In this section, I will go over the various features that any potential VPN user should look for when considering a VPN service.

I’ll list each requirement, then explain why it’s important to consider the requirement, and provide a ranking list of the VPNs that I have previously reviewed, ranked according to their performance numbers in that category.


Connection Speed

Since this is an article about finding the fastest VPN providers, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that speed is the first category listed in this section. Always look for a VPN provider that offers speeds as close as possible to those delivered by your ISP.

A fast connection opens up the world of video and audio streaming, as well as online gaming, and improves performance when using online apps, like the productivity suite offered by Google Docs.


Global Server Coverage

While speed may be king, global server coverage is a close second. While you may not currently be looking to access blocked streaming or gaming content at the moment, it’s always nice to have great server coverage available as an ace up your sleeve. Always look for a provider that has a large number of VPN servers placed strategically around the world.

Comprehensive global server coverage ensures you’ll be able to access blocked content, no matter where it’s located. For best results, look for server coverage similar to what’s shown in the screenshot below.

VPN Global Server Coverage


Multi-Platform Support

So, you’ve found the fastest VPN provider around. Does it support all of your devices? No? Then what good is it?

I’d venture to say that most of the folks reading this have more than one connected device. A recent count in my house tallied 5 laptops, 4 tablets, 5 smartphones, 2 Smart TVs, 5 set-top streaming devices and 2 game consoles. If a VPN can’t protect all of my devices, then it’s worthless to me.

Multi Platform Support Devices

Once you’ve found a fast VPN provider that offers good global server coverage, check their platform support list. At the very least, any provider worth considering should offer native apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices. Router support is a plus too, as that will allow you to automatically protect all of the devices connected to your wireless network.

The table below lists my top 10 VPN providers and the number of platforms they support, sorted by best down to worst. Note: All of the providers listed here offer Windows, Mac, iOS and Android support.


Other Factors to Consider


The price of a VPN provider is also an important consideration for many of us. While we’d like to simply subscribe to the fastest VPN provider available, that might not be feasible due to the premium price some premium providers demand.

Luckily, as in most things, the highest-priced VPN provider isn’t necessarily the fastest provider. In fact, one of my top 5 “fast” VPN services is actually one of the most moderately priced providers I’ve encountered. However, it has its own drawbacks. More about that when I share my top 5 list.

When considering price, research the VPN provider’s features to ensure that it hasn’t cut any corners in important categories. Important factors include connection speed, global server coverage and customer support.

You’ll also find that many VPN providers run periodic deals on subscriptions. These deals can significantly reduce the cost of a subscription. If you’re willing to commit to an extended subscription period, you can benefit from even larger savings. Always visit the providers’ websites to view current pricing and offers.

Monthly subscriptions are also available, which can be an attractive option if you’re on a tight budget. However, take note that choosing such an option will almost always cost you more over time. 

*The prices in the table reflect the monthly cost when paying for an annual subscription. (Annual Subscription Price / 12 Months.)

Customer Support

Ideally, you will never experience any problems while using your VPN provider of choice. Unfortunately, real-world usage usually results in real-world issues. There’s a good chance that you’re going to have to deal with your provider’s customer support department from time to time.

Note: None of the VPN providers listed below provide phone support.


Make sure that any VPN service you seriously consider offers comprehensive privacy protection. When I say “privacy,” I don‘t mean encryption or any other method the company uses to protect your connection from prying eyes.

When considering a provider, investigate to find whether they are based in a privacy-friendly country, what type of logs they retain, what their policy is about sharing those logs with law enforcement and other parties, and whether or not the provider accepts any privacy-friendly payment methods, such as the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

I’ve ranked the VPN providers accordingly below.