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Best VPN for Slovenia in 2021?

While internet access in Slovenia is without many restrictions, users inside the country still face online perils and lack access to content in other regions. In this article, I’ll discuss the top 5 VPNs for use inside of Slovenia.

While Freedom House has not published a Freedom on the Net report for Slovenia, its “Freedom in the World 2021” report gives the country an overall score of “free” with a score of 80/100 (0 = least free, 100 = most free).

The Slovenian government isn’t known to monitor its citizens’ online activities and doesn’t filter the internet. Laws do prohibit hate speech, including incitement to intolerance and violence. Otherwise, individuals and groups freely express their views online.

That said, Slovenians face the same online dangers and content restrictions that online users anywhere around the globe face.

Slovenians still face the dangers of having their online activities being monitored by third parties, including hackers, Internet Service Providers, and other nosy types.

Slovenians also lack access to geo-restricted content in many regions of the globe. This includes access to numerous popular streaming services, such as Netflix. While Netflix is available in Slovenia, the content available to Slovenians differs greatly from the rest of the world.

For these and other reasons, Slovenian internet users are advised to investigate the benefits of subscribing to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN protects internet users by encasing their internet connection in a tunnel of encryption. This encrypted tunnel hides your online activities, preventing anyone from monitoring your online travels.

A VPN also allows users to access geo-blocked content by temporarily assigning a new IP address to a user’s connected device. This makes it appear to the rest of the internet that the user and their device are located in that new region of the world, opening up access to the geo-blocked content housed in that area.

In this article, I’ll be taking a close look at the 5 top VPNs for use both inside and outside of Slovenian borders.

How to Use a VPN To Protect Your Online Activities in Slovenia

It’s easy to use a VPN to protect and enhance your online activities, both inside and outside of Slovenia. You can do so by follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider, like my #1 choice, NordVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN’s app(s) on your connected device(s).
  3. Log into the VPN service’s network.
  4. Select a VPN server located in Slovenia to access the country’s content from outside of the country, or to protect your online activities from being monitored while inside of the country. You can also select a server located in another country to access geo-blocked local content in that area of the world. Clear your browser cache if you have any issues accessing Slovenian content.
  5. Enjoy your newly-protected and enhanced internet connection! 

Best VPNs for Use in Slovenia

These 5 top VPN providers proved to be the best options for reliable VPN protection in Slovenia. Here’s a short rundown:

  1. NordVPN: NordVPN is the top provider for any online user who is looking for comprehensive VPN protection at a reasonable price. The provider offers above-average connection speeds, an excellent global server network, and compatibility with numerous connected devices.
  2. Surfshark: Surfshark is the budget-priced selection on this list. The provider offers top-notch VPN protection and enhancement at a low price. The provider boasts a fast-growing global server network, fast and well-protected connections, and more.
  3. ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN offers premium VPN protection at an admittedly premium price. While the provider is a bit expensively priced, its large global server footprint, fast connections, and optimal online security and complete privacy protections offer an excellent return on investment.
  4. CyberGhost: Newbie VPN users, or users who simply want no-fuss VPN service, will appreciate CyberGhost’s offerings. Easy-to-use apps, with one-click access to a massive global server network, make CyberGhost an excellent VPN option.
  5. IPVanish: While IPVanish compares well to other VPN providers, it provides an extra level of privacy protection, thanks to its self-owned and -operated global server network. Also offers top-notch digital security, above-average connection speeds, and more.

The VPN providers in this article were ranked according to the following factors:

  • Global server coverage (bonus for servers in Slovenia)
  • Online security and privacy offerings
  • Connection speeds
  • Native app support
  • Customer support

The 5 best VPNs for Slovenia are:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN May 2021

Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.NordVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

NordVPN is the top pick for best VPN protection and enhancement for online users stationed in Slovenia.

The provider’s global server footprint covers a good amount of the world, with 5,400+ servers based in close to 60 countries (including Slovenia). While that is certainly not the largest global network on this list, it does provide above-average access to most of the globe.

All NordVPN-provided connections are protected with banking-level 256-bit AES encryption, an automatic kill switch, and DNS leak prevention, as well as ad and malware blocking. An optional “Double VPN” feature delivers extra encryption and anonymity by routing your connection through two VPN servers.

A no-server-logs-ever policy, as well as a cryptocurrency subscription payment option, keep things covered on the privacy end of things.

This provider delivers fast download speeds and provides more than enough bandwidth for any popular online activity, including video streaming, gaming and file sharing. Never a data cap or bandwidth limitation to be found.

The provider offers comprehensive app support, with offerings for the Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Linux and Android TV device platforms. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are also available, as is comprehensive router compatibility.

Up to 6 devices can be simultaneously connected to the provider’s network on a single account.

Always-available customer support options include 24/7 support chat, email support and a searchable support library.


  • 5,400+ servers in nearly 60 countries
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Fast download speeds
  • Comprehensive security and privacy
  • Support for popular device platforms


  • No streaming- or downloading-optimized servers labeled in apps

BEST VPN FOR SLOVENIA:NordVPN offers the top method of protecting and enhancing your online activities while inside Slovenian borders. The provider offers fast, well-protected connections from a large server network for a large number of devices and routers. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my full review of NordVPN.

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2. Surfshark

SurfShark VPN

Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.Surfshark.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

Surfshark makes for an attractive VPN provider option for users looking to get the most value for their hard-earned dollars.

Once upon a time, Surfshark’s global server network was less than impressive. However, over the last year or so, things have definitely changed. The provider’s network now stands at an impressive 3,200+ servers stationed in 65 countries around the globe, including Slovenia.

Online security is another highlight of Surfshark’s VPN offering, thanks to the provider’s use of government-grade 256-bit AES encryption, an automatic kill switch and IP leak/DNS leak protection. Plus, you can optionally use a “Multi-Hop” server option to route your internet traffic through a pair of VPN server locations for extra encryption and anonymity.

Surfshark saves no user logs on their servers and offers a Bitcoin payment option that helps protect your payment privacy.

The providers no-data-caps connections are some of the fastest around, providing a great way to stream video, game and engage in other popular online activities.

Surfshark app options include offerings for the iOS, Android, Android TV, Linux, macOS, Windows and Amazon Fire platforms. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are also available, as is router support.

There are no limits to the number of devices that can connect simultaneously to the provider’s servers on a single account.

Customer support options include 24/7 live support chat, a contact form and searchable support library.


  • Low-, low-priced extended subscription
  • No limits on simultaneous connections
  • Speedy connections
  • Fast-growing server network


  • Single month subscription price is a bit high

BEST LOW-PRICED VPN OPTION:Surfshark’s fast-growing global server network provides reliable and fast access to geo-blocked content in most areas around the globe, all at a low price. The provider also offers unlimited simultaneous connections. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my full review of Surfshark.

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3. ExpressVPN


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.ExpressVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

ExpressVPN, while being more expensive than other VPN providers on this site, offers an excellent return on investment.

The provider may cost a bit more than other VPNs, but it is clear that they put some of those extra dollars back into their service offerings. One such feature is ExpressVPN’s massive 3,000+ server network spread among 94 countries around the globe (including Slovenia).

That server network offers secure connections, protected by government-grade 256-bit AES encryption, an automatic kill switch option, and IP and DNS leak protection. A split-tunneling feature allows users to designate which apps will use the VPN’s tunnel. The provider also offers a proprietary “Lightway” protocol that is said to be optimized for both speed and online protection.

In addition to the usual privacy protections of no-user-logs and a Bitcoin payment option, ExpressVPN uses its proprietary “TrustedServer” technology to run all server operations from RAM. This means no data is ever written to a physical hard drive, so all data on the server is wiped clean with each reboot.

ExpressVPN provided the fastest connections in my most recent connection speed tests, providing plenty of no-data-caps and never-throttled-speed for all of your favorite online activities.

The provider offers native app support for the Amazon Fire, Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, Chromebook, Linux and Windows platforms. Chrome, Edge and Firefox browser extensions are available, along with comprehensive router support.

Up to 5 devices can be simultaneously connected on a single account.

ExpressVPN customer support options include 24/7 live support chat, email support, a trouble ticket system and a searchable knowledge base.


  • Comprehensive privacy and strong security
  • Impressive global server network
  • Speedy connections
  • Comprehensive multi-platform app support


  • Expensive annual subscriptions
  • Only 5 simultaneous connections

RELIABLE VPN SERVICE:ExpressVPN may be the most expensive VPN option on this list, but its top-notch features could prove to be worth it to users who are willing to pay a bit more for a premium VPN. Fast connections, an impressive global server network and reliable access to geo-blocked content all make the list. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my full review of ExpressVPN.

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4. CyberGhost


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.CyberGhost.com

Money-back guarantee: 45 DAYS

If you’re new to VPN usage or if you’re simply looking for no fuss VPN service, you’ll want to take a closer look at CyberGhost.

With over 6,500 servers stationed in 90 countries around the globe (including Slovenia), the provider boasts one of the most impressive global server networks in the VPN industry. Many servers are optimized for file sharing and lag free streaming.

CyberGhost connections are protected by government-grade 256-bit AES encryption, IP and DNS leak prevention, and automatic kill switch protection. Ad and tracker blocking, malware protection, and the ability to force websites to serve up HTTPS versions of their pages are also available.

An industry-standard no-server-logs-ever policy and cryptocurrency subscription payment option help protect your privacy.

The provider’s connections provide more than enough bandwidth for video streaming, gaming and other popular online activities. No data caps or bandwidth throttling to worry about with this provider.

CyberGhost’s easy-to-use app selection includes options for the Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows and Amazon Fire device platforms. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available, as is extensive router compatibility.

Up to 7 devices can connect at once on a single account.

Customer support options include 24/7 support chat, email support, a trouble ticket system and a support library.


  • Easy-to-use apps
  • Impressively large global server network
  • Speedy downloads
  • Streaming- and downloading-optimized servers


  • Has issues in some overly restrictive countries
  • No apps or firmware offerings for routers

GOOD VPN OPTION FOR ROOKIES:CyberGhost offers easy-to-use yet powerful VPN service, making it a good option for users with little experience in using a VPN. A large global server network provides fast download speeds, as well as reliable access to geo-blocked content. A 45-day, no-risk money-back guarantee is available.

Read my full review of CyberGhost.

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5. IPVanish


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.IPVanish.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

IPVanish does a decent job of matching up with other VPNs on this list and then offers an additional layer of privacy protection.

While the provider’s global server network isn’t quite as impressive as the others on this list (1,600+ servers stationed in 54+ countries, including Slovenia), the provider owns and operates every one of those servers.

In addition to a zero logs policy (but no cryptocurrency payment option), the provider offers additional privacy protection, as its self-owned and -operated network keeps third-party contractors away from customers’ data.

IPVanish protects all user connections with government-grade 256-bit AES encryption, an automatic kill switch, and a “scramble” feature that disguises your VPN activity as normal browser traffic.

IPVanish connections can easily handle all types of streaming, gaming and any other of your favorite online activities. No bandwidth throttling or data caps to worry about.

IPVanish native apps are available for the Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire and Chrome OS device platforms. Raspberry Pi and Linux devices can be manually configured for the provider. While no browser extensions are available, router support is.

You can connect as many devices at once as you’d like to IPVanish servers.

Always-available customer support includes numerous options, such as 24/7 live support chat, a searchable support library and email support.


  • Extra layer of privacy
  • Unlimited concurrent device connections
  • Owns and operates entire global server network


  • No cryptocurrency payment option
  • No browser extensions

UNLIMITED PROTECTION FOR NUMEROUS PLATFORMS:IPVanish provides reliable VPN protection and enhancement, then provides an additional layer of privacy. The provider’s proprietary global server network prevents third-party contractors from accessing your personal data. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my full review of IPVanish.

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Why Can’t I Use a Free VPN in Slovenia?

While you will likely be able to find a free VPN that works from inside of Slovenia, I urge you to avoid using a free VPN for any of your online protection needs.

To begin with, free VPNs are inconvenient to use. Most free VPNs only offer support for the big 4 device platforms (Android, iOS, macOS and Windows) and don’t offer browser extensions or router support.

When you’re attempting to connect to a free VPN, you may be forced to cool your heels in a virtual waiting room until a slot on a server opens up. Then, you’ll either find that you have a limited number of server locations to select from, or that you’re automatically connected to a server of the provider’s choosing.

Once you connect, you’ll then find that your connection speeds have been considerably reduced. This is because VPN providers like to reserve their available bandwidth for paying customers. They also inflict daily or monthly data usage caps on their free users.

Your privacy is also at risk when using a free VPN. Even a free VPN needs to make money, and many free providers do so by monitoring their users’ online travels, logging that information, and then selling it to advertisers and other interested folks.

Heck, some freebie VPNs have even been caught inserting unwanted tracking cookies and ads into their users’ browsing sessions.

Sure, I understand the impulse to save a few bucks, but don’t do it at the expense of your online privacy!

What Else Does a VPN Do For Me?

A VPN can both protect and enhance all of your online activities.

A VPN protects your online activities from being observed by nosy third parties by encasing it in a tunnel of encryption. Much like a train or highway tunnel hides the traffic inside of it, an encrypted tunnel hides your online activities.

An encrypted connection comes in especially handy if you use public WiFi hotspots on a regular basis.

Public WiFi hotspots – such as those found in hotels, coffee shops, and other public spots – are popular targets for hackers, who take advantage of hotspots’ lack of encryption to monitor other hotspot users’ online activities, allowing them to harvest personal information from those users.

Thankfully, a VPN’s encryption prevents hackers from being able to spy on your online activities.

An encrypted connection also comes in handy when connecting to the internet from home.

First of all, even though your home or office WiFi network might be encrypted, the connection from your home network to the internet is not encrypted. This means your ISP can log your online travels, then sell that valuable information to advertisers or anyone else that’s willing to pay for it. A VPN hides your online activities, so ISPs can’t take advantage of them.

An encrypted connection also prevents your ISP from blocking or throttling your connection when it sees you engaging in “unapproved” activities, like sharing files via BitTorrent or streaming content from certain streaming sites.

A VPN also expands and enhances your access to geo-blocked content around the globe by temporarily assigning your connected device a fresh IP address, making it appear as if you are connecting from another area of the world, enabling access to international content in that region of the world.


Slovenian internet users, as well as those in other regions of the world, are strongly advised to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect and enhance their online activities. A VPN not only encrypts your connection to protect it from prying eyes, it also opens up access to geo-blocked content that is normally not available in a user’s area of the world.

NordVPN’s fast, well-protected connections provide reliable online access for a large number of popular connected devices from a large global server network. Around-the-clock customer support is there if you need it.

For more information or to purchase a subscription, visit the NordVPN website.

Slovenia VPN FAQ

What Slovenian News Channels Can I Watch With a VPN?

There are a number of Slovenian channels showing news, although only a few are strictly news channels. Nova24TV, TV SLO 1 and 2, POP TV, Kanal A, and many other channels are available.

Does Ljubljana Have VPN Servers?

All five VPN providers on this list offer Slovenian VPN servers, many of them located in Ljubljana. All of the servers provide access to Slovenian content, while protecting your online activities from prying eyes.

Will a VPN Help With Online Banking From Slovenia?

Yes, many financial sites like online banking restrict access to their sites and services to connections inside their home country. A VPN can make it appear as if you are located in the correct country, opening access to the site.

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