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What Is the Best VPN for PayPal in 2020?

PayPal is arguably the most popular online-payment service around today. Founded in 1998, the service acts as a payments processor for online vendors, auction sites, independent contractors and others.

Unfortunately, PayPal accounts are a popular target for hackers, making it dangerous to access your account on public Wi-Fi.

Plus, the payments service isn’t available in every country, and if you log into PayPal from a country other than the one you registered for the service with, you may be blocked.

How can you protect yourself?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most reliable way to protect your PayPal activity from the bad guys, while also allowing you to safely access your PayPal account from outside your home country.

A VPN uses banking-grade encryption to protect your online activities from being monitored by third parties, ensuring that your important personal and business-related information is never monitored or stolen.

As for accessing your PayPal account when outside the borders of your homeland, a VPN assigns your connected device a new, temporary IP address, making it appear as if you are connected from inside another country. This allows PayPal users to select a VPN server in their home country, so PayPal sees them as being at home.

Here’s my guide to the 5 best VPNs for PayPal.

Best VPNs for PayPal

I put all of my favorite VPN providers through rigorous testing, and these 5 VPNs worked best for reliably accessing PayPal. Here’s a summary:

    1. ExpressVPN: This provider ranks #1 thanks to its comprehensive global server coverage, well-protected connections and top-notch privacy protections. ExpressVPN’s fast connection speeds and excellent app support both add to the provider’s attraction.
    2. NordVPN: This VPN service offers top-notch privacy and security protections, and it has plenty of servers located around the world for your international PayPal needs.
    3. CyberGhost: This provider’s U.S.-based VPN servers offer excellent access for U.S.-based PayPal users while traveling abroad. CyberGhost’s easy-to-use apps make it a beginner-friendly VPN.
    4. IPVanish: Completely self-owned and -operated servers provide an extra layer of privacy for PayPal users. The provider offers wide app support and excellent customer support.
    5. PrivateVPN: While its server network is a bit limited when compared to others on this list, its U.S.-based servers do a great job of unblocking PayPal while abroad. Advanced users will appreciate the provider’s app options.

I evaluated and ranked the top PayPal VPNs using the following criteria:

  • Reliable connections
  • Comprehensive global server network
  • Strong online security protections
  • Privacy protections include no server logs
  • Excellent multi-platform support
  • Top-notch customer support

Here’s my list of the top 5 VPNs for use with PayPal.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Jul 2020

Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.ExpressVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

ExpressVPN is my top choice for the best VPN for use with PayPal thanks to its comprehensive global server coverage and top-notch online security.

This provider delivers some of the most reliable connections I’ve had the pleasure to use since I began testing VPNs. In addition, ExpressVPN’s connection speeds are easily up to all of my other online activities.

ExpressVPN has 3,000+ VPN servers stationed in 94 countries. A large number of those servers are located in the United States, which is arguably PayPal’s largest market.

The provider does a top-notch job of protecting your internet connection from being monitored thanks to its military level of encryption. Plus, kill switch protection, DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak protection are available in most ExpressVPN apps.

Your privacy is also never an issue thanks to the provider’s no-logs policy. You can also pay for your VPN subscription using Bitcoin, keeping your payment information incognito.

ExpressVPN offers apps for all of the major PayPal-compatible devices, including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook and Amazon Kindle devices. Browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox.

The provider’s comprehensive router compatibility will protect all of your connected devices. Up to 5 concurrent connections are allowed per username.

ExpressVPN delivers around-the-clock customer support, with 24/7 support chat, email support, a support ticket tracking system and searchable troubleshooting and support knowledge bases.


  • Plenty of servers around the world and in the U.S.
  • Reliable, fast connections
  • Excellent customer support
  • Top-notch security and privacy protection
  • Comprehensive native app support


  • More expensive than other many other VPNs

BEST VPN FOR PAYPAL:ExpressVPN is my top choice for protecting and enhancing your PayPal sessions. The provider’s reliable connections are available around the globe, with plenty of U.S. servers. Optimal privacy and security keep your payment information undercover. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my full review of ExpressVPN.

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2. NordVPN


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.NordVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

NordVPN delivers fast, reliable and private connections to PayPal and other online financial services. The VPN provides top-notch privacy and security to its customers.

The provider has 5,600+ servers located in 60 countries around the world. Over 1,600 of the servers are located in the U.S. The server network provides reliable access to blocked services around the globe, including PayPal.

Military-grade encryption protects your PayPal and other sensitive online activities, and also protects you from malware, unwanted ads and more. The provider’s “Double VPN” feature encrypts your connection twice. Encrypted encryption, how can it get better than that?

Online privacy is never an issue with NordVPN thanks to a no-logs policy that ensures no records of your online activities are available. Plus, if you use a disposable email address with the provider’s Bitcoin payment option, your payment info is completely incognito.

The provider’s app support has most of the PayPal-compatible platforms covered, with apps for Windows, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux devices. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are also available. Protect all of your other connected devices via a NordVPN-compatible router. Pre-configured routers are available.

Around-the-clock support is the rule at NordVPN, with email support, 24/7 live support chat and searchable support database features all available.


  • Reliable and secure connections to PayPal
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Reasonably priced
  • Top-notch privacy protections


  • Apps aren’t user-friendly

BEST FOR BUDGET-MINDED USERS:NordVPN will prove to be attractive to PayPal users who want to save their money to cover their PayPal fees. The provider’s reliable connections and excellent security protections will be attractive to all. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read my full review of NordVPN.

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3. CyberGhost


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.CyberGhost.com

Money-back guarantee: 45 DAYS

CyberGhost will be an attractive option for first-time VPN users thanks to their easy-to-use apps that provide reliable and well-protected access to PayPal. The provider’s fast connections offer an excellent way to access online content.

The provider has most of the globe covered, with over 6,200 servers stationed in 90 countries. Over 1,200 of those servers are in cities in the United States.

CyberGhost does an optimal job of protecting your PayPal sessions, using banking-grade encryption, kill switch protection, and IPv6 and DNS leak protections. In addition, the provider can block ads and malicious websites, block online tracking and force websites to serve up HTTPS versions of their pages if available.

CyberGhost protects your online activities after the fact, with a strict no-logs policy and a willingness to accept Bitcoin in return for their substantial services.

Easy-to-use apps for the Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux and Amazon Fire platforms have most PayPal-compatible devices covered. The provider’s comprehensive router protection covers any other connected devices. Pre-configured routers are available.

The service’s customer support options include live support chat, an easy-to-search support library and a support ticket submission form.


  • Unblocks PayPal around the globe
  • Excellent connection protection
  • Apps for most popular device platforms
  • No logs and accepts Bitcoin


  • Apps lack advanced options available from other providers

BEST FOR BEGINNERS:CyberGhost will be an attractive VPN for first-time users looking for an easy-to-use way to protect their PayPal activity. The provider offers servers around the globe, with plenty of those located in the U.S. 45-day, no-risk money-back guarantee.

Read my full review of CyberGhost.

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4. IPVanish


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.IPVanish.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

IPVanish delivers an extra layer of privacy for PayPal users that not many other VPN providers can. However, it’s a bit of yin/yang, as it also lacks a privacy feature that most providers do offer.

IPVanish has over 1,300 servers located in more than 50 countries around the globe. Over 640 of those servers are located in the United States.

IPVanish owns and operates all of those servers, keeping third-party operators away from your personal data, providing that extra layer of protection I mentioned earlier.

IPVanish protects its reliable and fast internet connections with military-standard encryption. It also offers additional online security with its kill switch, auto-reconnect and scramble protection, as well as its DNS leak and IPv6 leak protections.

Now for the missing layer of protection, which, to be honest, will only affect a small number of users.

While the provider matches the other VPN services on this list with a strict no-logs policy, they lack the Bitcoin payment feature that other providers offer. This means your payment information won’t be as private as it could be.

Apps are available for many of the PayPal-compatible device platforms, including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux and Amazon Fire devices. You can connect up to 10 of these devices to the service at once. The provider’s extensive router compatibility protects your other connected devices. Pre-configured routers are available.

IPVanish’s customer support is available any time thanks to 24/7 live support, email support and a searchable support library.


  • Owns and operates all of its VPN servers
  • Up to 10 concurrent connections
  • Excellent online security protection


  • Money-back guarantee period limited to 7 days
  • No cryptocurrency payment options

BEST VPN FOR MULTIPLE USERS:IPVanish offers a generous 10 concurrent connections allowance, making it arguably the best option on this list for small businesses that require multiple connections to protect their employees’ PayPal sessions. Offers a short 7-day money-back guarantee.

Read my full review of IPVanish.

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5. PrivateVPN


Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.PrivateVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

PrivateVPN offers a lower server count than the other VPNs on this list. However, they do have them well positioned around the globe, providing excellent unblocking ability for PayPal and other online services.

150+ servers will never be mistaken for a large server count in the VPN industry. However, PrivateVPN does have those servers well-placed around the globe, locating them in 60 countries, including the United States.

PrivateVPN delivers excellent connection protection, protecting their customers’ online activities by applying government-grade encryption to their internet connections. Plus, the provider offers auto-reconnect, as well as IPv6 leak and DNS leak protections. StealthVPN makes their users’ VPN activity appear as normal browser traffic.

Those reliable connections aren’t slowed down much by all that protection, as the provider’s download speeds are well up to any of your online activities.

No logs of any kind are kept on PrivateVPN’s servers, ensuring your online activities will never be exposed. Using a throwaway email address with the provider’s Bitcoin payment option will keep your payment information completely anonymous.

While PrivateVPN’s app support is limited to the big 4 device platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android), it’s also compatible with a number of routers, providing protection for all of your connected devices. Up to 6 concurrent connections are allowed on a single account.

Live support chat is a support option, but it lacks 24/7 availability. A “Contact Us” form is also available if the company’s non-searchable FAQ section fails to satisfy your support needs.


  • Reliable connections to PayPal and other services
  • Up to 6 concurrent connections
  • Excellent security and privacy protections


  • Server numbers could stand improvement
  • Customer support is not 24/7

PLENTY OF OPTIONS:PrivateVPN is an excellent VPN option for PayPal users who have some experience with VPNs and don’t mind tinkering with the app options on their own. A 30-day money-back guarantee keeps the risk factor to a minimum.

Read my full review of PrivateVPN.

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How to Use a VPN With PayPal

If you’re looking for the best way to protect your PayPal sessions and open up access to the payments service no matter where you are, you’ll be glad to know it takes just a few easy steps to accomplish:

    1. First, subscribe to a VPN. (Seems logical.)
    2. Download and install your VPN provider of choice’s app(s) on your favorite device(s).
    3. Select and connect to a VPN server located in the country you wish to use PayPal in.
    4. Start counting your money, baby!

Is a Free VPN a Good Option to Use With PayPal?

I am a firm believer that using a “free” VPN is never a good idea. That is especially true when you’re considering its use with an online financial service like PayPal.

Freebie VPNs simply don’t do a good job of providing security and privacy for privacy-intensive online activities like using PayPal!

If you stop to think about it, even a “free” VPN has to make enough money to keep their lights on and servers humming.

So, if they’re not selling the VPN service, what is the product they’re selling?

The product is your personal information.

Many free VPN providers monitor and collect information about their users’ online activities and sell the information to the highest bidder. 

Plus, other providers are known to inject unwanted advertisements and tracking cookies into their users’ browsing sessions. And those cookies hang around long after you’ve disconnected from the VPN provider’s network!

In addition to security concerns, keep in mind that you’ll likely want to use a VPN to protect and enhance other online activities.

Unfortunately, sans-fee VPNs are known to throttle their customer’s connection speeds and enforce daily or monthly data caps on their customers’ VPN usage. So, a freebie provider is lousy for streaming, gaming or downloading files.

You also may not have much choice in the location of the servers you’re allowed to use as a free VPN customer. Most freebie VPNs limit the number of servers their users have access to, and in some cases, auto-connect you to a server based on its usage.

So much for picking a U.S.-based server to access your PayPal account!

While it’s true that you already pay more than enough in fees to PayPal each month, it pays to shell out a few more bucks for a reliable, full-featured VPN service.


If you’re a PayPal user looking for the best way to ensure your online privacy and to maintain access to your PayPal account, no matter where you’re at, use a VPN service.

A VPN will provide optimal online security via military-grade encryption and other protection features, while opening access to PayPal and other geographically-restricted online services.

ExpressVPN logo

ExpressVPN is my #1 choice for the best VPN service for use with PayPal. The provider delivers comprehensive global server coverage and optimal connection protection. Plus, its excellent multi-platform support ensures all of your PayPal-compatible devices are protected.

For more information or to purchase a subscription, visit the ExpressVPN website.


PayPal” by Mohamed Hassan licensed under CC0 1.0

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