What Are The Best VPN Providers for Omegle in 2019?

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VyprVPN is the best VPN for use with Omegle. The provider supplies top-notch streaming speeds, excellent multi-platform support and great customer support.

  • Excellent Multi-Platform Support
  • Great Connection Speeds
  • Excellent Privacy Protections

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a free online chat website that allows users to connect and chat with other “strangers" randomly. The service picks someone at random and allows you to talk to them, via  either text or video, “one-on-one.”

The service also offers a “Spy Mode,” allowing users to act as a "spy," asking a question of two “strangers.” The spy can then view the conversation between the two users who were queried, but cannot contribute further to the conversation. Users can also discuss a question one-on-one with another “stranger.”

Omegle - Talk to Strangers

There is no need to register, and the chats are entirely anonymous. Users can also add their interests, and Omegle will look for someone who is into the same things they are. Users can also add their Facebook likes as topics. (FYI: This does require logging in to the service with your Facebook account.)

College students can enter their college email address ending in .edu or .edu.XX or .ac.XX to verify they're in college. This allows them to chat with other college students.

The service does monitor video chats but warns users that moderation is not perfect, and users may still encounter other users who “misbehave.” Omegle says that they are not responsible for their users’ behavior.

The Omegle service was created in 2009 by 18-year old Leif K-Brooks. The site initially offered only text chat, but in March 2009, a video-conferencing feature debuted. Omegle does not feature a mobile app to allow chatting from mobile devices. Instead, the service advises that their website also works on mobile devices.

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Vypr VPN


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HideMyAss VPN


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Why Does an Omegle User Need a VPN?

Omegle is an open chat system, and, to my knowledge, isn’t blocked by any governments and isn’t geo-restricted by the Omegle service itself. However, it is often blocked by schools, colleges and employers due to the diversion it offers from whatever task is at hand. A VPN can help enable access the Omegle service when blocking of the website is in place.

Omegle can also block a user’s IP address for breaking the rules of the service, be it a real or perceived violation. A VPN service provides a new IP address, which is not blocked, allowing the formerly-blocked user to access the chat service once again.

In addition to unblocking Omegle, a VPN can also protect users from hackers, who are, unfortunately, attracted to services like Omegle and all the security holes likely present in such a chat service. The VPN’s encryption and replacement of the user’s actual IP address make it much tougher for hackers to access or track an Omegle user.

VPNs offer secure connections with military-grade encryption, which protect users from hackers, the government or even a user’s own Internet Service Provider, all of whom may be monitoring their connection.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Omegle

When you’re researching VPNs to use with the Omegle chat service, important factors should be considered before making your purchase. When researching VPN providers, always take into consideration the following factors. 


Connection Speed

When considering a VPN for use with Omegle, always consider a provider’s connection speeds. Omegle supports video chatting, and there is nothing more frustrating than pixelated or frozen video when you’re chatting and making a new friend.

Look for a VPN provider that can offer consistently fast connections, as close as possible to the speeds provided by your ISP.

The providers in the table below are listed and ranked according to the speed of their connections, the fastest down to the slowest. I made the speed measurements using the popular Speedtest website.


Multi-Platform Support

Omegle is available via a web browser from most computing platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux. Even though Omegle doesn’t offer any native apps for mobile devices, iOS and Android users can access the chat service via their device’s browser.

While you’d think that being device-agnostic would mean multi-platform support would not be as critical for Omegle as it is for other uses, it actually has the opposite effect. Since the chat website works on almost any computing platform, that means that you can access it from any of your devices - making it essential for your VPN to offer support for as many of your devices as is possible.

I’ve listed the VPN providers in the table below in the order of the number of device platforms the service supports; they are sorted from the most platforms to the least.



When using Omegle, or any other social or chat website or service, always do everything you can to protect your privacy. Privacy protections are also important when using your VPN-protected connections for other online activities, such as viewing streaming video, playing online games or downloading files via peer-to-peer file sharing.

Always look for a VPN provider that is located in a privacy-friendly country. Find out what kind of logs they keep associated with your account or your online activities. (Extra points for any provider with an absolute “no logs” policy.)

Also, look for providers that accept secure, anonymous forms of payment, such as Bitcoin or even merchant gift cards.

The VPN providers listed in the table below are ranked according to the level of privacy protections they offer, best to worst.


Other Factors to Consider

This section contains additional factors that prospective VPN customers may want to consider before deciding on a VPN provider for use to unblock Omegle.


While it would be great to be able to consider VPN services on a “money’s no object” basis, the fact is that many of us need to take a provider’s pricing into account before making a decision.

When considering a provider’s pricing, keep in mind that the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best price. Make sure the company isn’t cutting corners in essential categories in order to offer a lower price. Customer support, global server coverage and connection speeds shouldn’t take a hit just to save a few bucks.

Note: VPN providers offer special deals from time to time. These can significantly reduce the cost of a subscription. Plus, if you’re willing to agree to a longer subscription period, you can reap even more substantial discounts. For more information, visit the website of any provider you’re considering.

Most providers also offer month-to-month subscriptions, which can be attractive to users on a strict monthly budget. However, keep in mind that paying monthly will almost always cost you more in the long run. 

*The prices in the table reflect the monthly cost when paying for an annual subscription. (Annual Subscription Price / 12 Months.)

Customer Support

While I hope you’ll never have to deal with any issues when you’re using a VPN, the fact is, you’ll occasionally have some support questions.

Look for VPN providers that offer comprehensive customer support. Ideally, a company will provide live support chat, a trouble ticket submission form and a support library that can answer most of your questions if you’re in a do-it-yourself sort of mood.

The providers in the table below are ranked best-to-worst according to the types of support they offer, how quickly they respond to inquiries and the accuracy of the answers they provide.

Note: Phone support is not provided by any of the VPN providers listed below.

Global Server Coverage

Global server coverage isn’t a vital feature for using Omegle, because, so long as you can reach a U.S. or U.K. VPN server, you’ll be able to connect, and every VPN I’ve reviewed offers server farms in the U.S. and the U.K.

However, it is of importance when using your VPN for other online activities, such as viewing blocked video content or playing games on international servers.

Ideally, you’ll want to look for a VPN provider that provides a large number of servers, placed strategically in as many countries as possible around the globe.

The table below lists all VPN providers that I have reviewed, and they are ranked according to the number of countries where servers are located, with highest numbers first.