How to Protect Your Smart TV From Cyberattacks

At a Glance Smart TVs allow viewers to watch content from multiple sources, including popular streaming services, USB sticks, external drives, and more. Some smart TVs even have games and a web browser built-in. Unfortunately, since your smart TV is an Internet of Things (IoT) device (and IoT devices are popular targets among hackers), it … Read more

Here’s How AirTags and Tile Trackers Are Being Used for Stalking, And How You Can Prevent Being Tracked

At a Glance Apple’s AirTag uses the Cupertino firm’s end-to-end encrypted Find My network and app to help track and locate personal items, providing an easy-to-use and quite efficient way of recovering lost items, like key rings, luggage, briefcases, and other personal items. While AirTags are a godsend for those looking to track lost items, … Read more

Clear Cache Major Browsers

How to Clear the Cache in These Major Browsers

At a Glance As you browse the web, your web browser saves files related to your web browsing. These files can include entire webpages, text files, image files, and more. While these locally saved files come in handy the next time you visit a website, as your device no longer needs to download these files, … Read more

Protect Your Children on Smartphone

How to Protect Your Children on Their Smartphone

For better or for worse, smartphones are part of the childhood experience.  They’re the default means of communication, and entertainment for millions, and there’s a growing drive for them to be integrated into the education system. Some U.K. schools have a Bring Your Own Device policy starting as early as year one (age five).  It’s … Read more