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Alternatives to Google Products

Do You Use Google Products? Let’s face it: Google makes it easy to use its applications and services. First, they’re free. Second, they’re available wherever you are through almost any internet-connected device. Third, well: we’re back to the free thing again. But why are Google’s products and services free? How can they afford to maintain … Read more

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ExpressVPN Coupon- Get 3 Months Free – A 49% Discount

  If you’re a regular visitor to Pixel Privacy, you’re probably aware that, although I’ve tested and reviewed a significant number of VPN providers, my favorite of them all is ExpressVPN. And that’s when it’s available at its usual price of $8.32 per month (payable annually at $99.95). I have great news: ExpressVPN is offering … Read more

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How to Securely Erase a Hard Drive or Solid State Drive

Your computer’s hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) hold a lot of sensitive data. Think about your account passwords, classified files, personal files, financial records, family photos, and Social Security Number – the list is endless. Now, regardless of whether you want to simply delete a few old folders that contain sensitive … Read more

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What Is Browser Hijacking and How Can You Prevent It?

It’s early morning and you just made a cup of coffee. You start up your favorite browser to check the daily news, when all of a sudden, you see various uncommon and odd-looking icons in your browser. The changes happened without you performing an action or installing any software, yet it’s installed on your browser … Read more

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What Is the Blockchain? The Plain English Version

The word blockchain is on everyone’s lips right now. Although you might not really understand what “blockchain” means, chances are you’ve heard people talk about it (a lot). Some people believe it will change our world for the better, and it will replace the banks that we currently know – or similar extravagant things. Although … Read more

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How to Encrypt Your Emails: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Has online privacy been on your mind recently? In today’s news, it’s common to read about the increase of data breaches, online identity theft, government interference, and government-funded attacks – or governments accusing each other of attacks, at least. And that’s just what you read on the news and other informative websites! But how much … Read more