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How to Watch Polish TV Abroad in 2021

You can easily access Polish TV from abroad by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In this article, I explain the barriers you face when trying to access Polish TV from outside of the country, and introduce you to the best VPN for unblocking Polish TV.

There are plenty of Polish TV channels to choose from, each offering access to different kinds of TV and movie content.

Sadly, this content is only available if you have a Polish IP address. If you happen to be abroad, whether for a vacation, a business trip or because you live abroad as an expat, Polish TV will be unavailable to you because of your foreign IP address.

To get access to Polish TV, you need to get a local IP address from Poland. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will grant you a Polish IP address, so you can watch all of the Polish TV you want, wherever you want.

But not just any VPN will do. Each VPN has its advantages and disadvantages, and some are not equipped to unblock Polish TV. But as an expert on VPNs, I can tell you which VPN provider to choose to reliably unblock Polish TV.

In this article, I go over all of the details about how and why Polish TV is blocked to international viewers. I also review the best VPN for the job. (Spoiler alert: It’s NordVPN.)

The Best Way to View Polish TV From Abroad

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will allow you to watch Polish TV from anywhere.

By connecting to a VPN server in Poland, you’ll receive a new, temporary IP address from Poland. This Polish IP address will fool video streaming providers into thinking you’re really in Poland, and Polish TV content will be immediately accessible.

But not just any VPN will do. That’s why I highly recommend NordVPN as the best VPN to use to access Polish TV from abroad.

NordVPN has a large server network, including high-speed servers in Poland, so you can watch Polish TV in HD or 4K. Apps for many device platforms mean you can watch Polish TV on any of your favorite devices, and 24/7 customer support ensures answers to your questions are only a few moments away.

NordVPN offers a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why Do Polish Streaming Services Ban International Viewers?

You may think that a subscription to a Polish TV streamer will allow you to watch Polish TV from anywhere, but I have some bad news for you. If you’re outside of Poland, you’ll be blocked from accessing that Polish TV.

This is because streaming services have to sign contracts with TV and movie studios in order to have the right to stream their content on the platform. In these contracts, TV and movie studios stipulate that only viewers inside of Poland can access the content, and no one from abroad can have access.

TV and movie producers make a ton of profit this way because they’re able to sell access to their content to multiple providers in multiple countries, instead of everyone in the world getting access to the content in one country.

This forces you to try to find the content you want to access in the country you’re in, even if that means you have to subscribe to multiple different video streaming providers to get the same content you’d get with just one provider in Poland.

Restrictive governments also play a role in why content is geo-restricted. Because these oppressive governments are willing to sue streaming providers if their citizens somehow gain access to that international provider’s content, streaming providers have an incentive to avoid issues by refusing access to anyone with an IP address from that country.

How Geo-Restrictions Work

The way geo-restrictions work is by deciding who can and cannot access content based on the user’s IP address.

Every internet-connected device has an IP address. It’s like a home address for your device. Just like how a home address lets the post office know where mail came from and needs to go, an IP address lets the internet know where a request for content came from and where a response needs to go.

But just like a home address, an IP address reveals your physical location.

If you have a foreign IP address from, say, the Czech Republic, instead of a local IP address from Poland, video streaming providers will block your access.

How Can I View Polish TV If It’s Blocked?

To get around these geo-blockades, you need an IP address from Poland.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can give you one. By connecting to a VPN’s server in Poland, your real IP address will be hidden and you’ll have a new, temporary one from Poland.

Streaming content providers, upon seeing this local IP address, will open the virtual gates to their content, allowing you to get your fill of Polish TV.

This is how the process goes:

  1. Subscribe to a reputable VPN provider (I strongly recommend NordVPN).
  2. Install its app(s) onto your device(s).
  3. Open up the app and connect to a server located in Poland.
  4. Visit your favorite Polish TV streaming service.
  5. Enjoy the show!

It doesn’t matter if you’re really in France, Brazil, the U.S., even China, that Polish IP address will let you watch all of O mnie się nie martw that you can handle.

You may be surprised to know that unblocking TV streaming content is not all that a VPN can do. In fact, a VPN is great for a good many purposes.

Music streaming services, gaming servers and content, and financial services are also subject to geo-blockades. But a VPN can blow past these restrictions, giving you all of the access you want.

VPN service providers also encrypt your internet connection, which prevents anyone from spying on your online activities. Internet Service Providers (ISPs), hackers and even governments will be helpless to undo the VPN’s encryption to try to monitor your online activities.

Public WiFi hotspots will also become safe to use. Public WiFi hotspots don’t usually have much encryption, leaving your online activities and their associated sensitive information open to hackers. But with the encryption a VPN provides, hackers will be unable to steal your data.

ISPs are also a problem to deal with. Sometimes they try to monitor your online activities, and sometimes they try to throttle your connection speeds because you’re torrenting files or streaming from “unapproved” sites. But ISP throttling and monitoring can’t happen when you use a VPN, because a VPN’s encryption keeps them from knowing what you’re doing online.

Which VPN Is the Best for Unblocking Polish TV?

It used to be the case that any VPN provider could unblock access to international TV, but unfortunately, that time is long gone.

Streaming services have caught onto the VPN trick and can now realize when a viewer is connecting with an IP address belonging to a VPN provider. The streaming service will then block that IP address.

VPN service providers, in response, need to quickly replace those IP addresses with new IP addresses, which haven’t been blocked. But then, the video streaming service blocks those new IP addresses, and the dance goes on.

Not every VPN can keep up with streaming providers. A lot of resources are involved, and sometimes the VPN doesn’t even have the desire to continue providing access to their customers.

However, not all VPN providers have “fallen from on high.” One VPN especially excels at unblocking access to international TV, and its name is NordVPN.



Apps Available:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Website:  www.NordVPN.com

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

NordVPN is your best choice of VPN for gaining access to Polish TV from abroad.

Not only does NordVPN offer speeds fast enough to let you watch Polish TV in HD or 4K, but it also solidly protects your connection and doesn’t keep logs of your online activities. There are apps available for all of your favorite devices, and customer support is available all day long. And you can get all of this for a bargain price, too.

Read the full NordVPN review here.

1. Connection Speed

It’s important to take into account a VPN’s speeds, so that you won’t experience buffering and you’ll have a clear picture while streaming your favorite Polish TV series.

NordVPN is the fastest provider I’ve ever seen, offering enough speed to watch in HD or 4K. If you’re also into gaming or sharing files, NordVPN’s speeds will offer a satisfying experience.

NordVPN never imposes any data caps on your connection, and it offers unlimited bandwidth.

2. Multi-Platform App Support

Some VPNs only offer a handful of apps for a handful of devices, so you’ll want to be sure that the VPN you choose offers apps for as many devices as possible so you can watch Polish TV on any device you want.

NordVPN offers apps for a plethora of devices, with apps available for the iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Amazon Fire and Android TV device platforms. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are also available, and there’s support for a large number of router makes and models.

NordVPN also offers a Smart DNS service simply called SmartDNS. This service allows devices that are not compatible with VPN apps, such as game consoles, smart TVs and other set-top boxes, to access international streaming content (like Polish TV). However, the service does not encrypt your connection like the VPN service does.

Up to 6 devices can connect to the VPN’s servers simultaneously on one set of login credentials.

3. Customer Support

Even with a high-performing VPN like NordVPN, an issue or two is bound to come up eventually. When that happens, speedy solutions are very welcome.

NordVPN’s customer support offerings include 24/7 live support chat, so you can get answers to your problems quickly. You can also contact customer support agents via email, and there’s an easy-to-search support library if you want to find the answer on your own.

4. Global Server Coverage

NordVPN, of course, provides servers in Poland. However, you may eventually want to see what kind of content is offered in other countries. Should that day come, you’ll want a VPN provider that offers wide global server coverage.

NordVPN offers 5,500+ servers in 59+ countries around the world, including Poland.

5. Pricing

NordVPN is a budget-priced provider, especially when it comes to their multi-year subscription offerings.

NordVPN offers a no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit NordVPN.

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